The Building Blocks of Alchemy and the Secrets of Manifestation

Manifesting ‘what you want’ in life is a hot topic. Think of vision boards, affirmations and positive visualisations as examples of how this mysterious force has been presented as easily achievable.

The art of manifestation in the Aquarian Age is not merely about wishing hard for ‘what you want’ and hoping it shows up, it’s about working co-creatively and cooperatively with the forces of the universe to make your wishes manifest.

Manifestation is a complex act. It is a magical art where a magician acts as an alchemist working with the powers of the cosmos to purposefully and intelligently impress his or her desire upon the Astral Light, the primordial mind stuff or the Prima Materia where all things come from.


1. The clear magical intention of the magician

2. The careful combining of three primary energies or building blocks of manifestation


The alchemists or magicians of old worked with ‘noble tinctures’ to manifest their desires. These noble tinctures, or building blocks of manifestation, were alchemical mercury, alchemical sulphur and alchemical salt, which were actually specific qualities or forces. They were associated with the primary colours yellow, red and blue respectively.

The word ‘tincture’ in this sense refers to a process that imparted a quality that can be likened to mixing three different colours together.


  • Alchemical mercury – associated with the Astral Light, the Prima Materia, has a natural correspondence to the celestial frequency of the 12 planets and ‘what’ you need or want to do
  • Alchemical sulphur – associated with desire and drive, has a natural correspondence to the celestial frequency of the 12 zodiacal signs and ‘how’ things need to happen
  • Alchemical salt – associated with form, structure and the physical plane, has a natural correspondence to the celestial frequency of the 12 mansions of life and ‘where’ things need to happen

Like colours, the three alchemical principles of mercury, sulphur and salt can be combined in an almost endless number of combinations.

“Fundamental in alchemy is the doctrine that all things whatsoever are manifestations of three principles; mercury, sulphur and salt.” – Paul Foster Case

Whenever an alchemist works with the three building blocks or ‘tinctures’, they are working to consciously manifest their desires on the physical plane. They are also working to purify their desires by transforming and transmuting their consciousness. The more the alchemist does that, the more purified they become and the greater levels of manifesting power they develop. This is what the alchemists of old referred to as ‘turning lead into gold’.


  • Defines ‘what’ the alchemist wants to manifest
  • The universal ether, the First Matter or the Astral Light that can be directed, controlled,  influenced and impressed by the alchemist
  • The ability to direct the conscious mind to focus its attention on something and to concentrate one’s thoughts on that thing
  • Has a natural correspondence to ‘alchemical metals’ which are associated with chakras and planets
  • Indicates ‘what’ one needs or wants to do, the type of action, the type of energy and the actual action needed
  • Establishes exactly ‘what’ planetary power and energy the alchemist wants to embody and express

An alchemical secret associated with the alchemical principle of mercury is in knowing how to ‘seed’ in and embody a specific planetary virtue, which then becomes a power that an alchemist is able to express.


  • Defines and controls ‘how’ that which the alchemist wishes to take physical form will express
  • Correlates to the inductive power and formative influence of one’s desire nature
  • Shapes the Astral Light
  • Gives definition to the raw material of creation
  • Has a natural correspondence to the power inherent in the zodiacal signs
  • Establishes exactly ‘how’ the planetary power and energy they want to embody will express and the appropriate mode of planetary expression

An alchemical secret associated with the alchemical principle of sulphur is in knowing how to purify and direct the desire nature in such a manner that it ensures constructive spiritualising outcomes as a result. 


  • Defines ‘where’ what the alchemist wants to manifest occurs in their life
  • Correlates to the inherent form making and defining influence associated with physical manifesation and embodiment
  • Refers to the physical result, outworking and manifestation of what is held in the desire nature
  • Gives form to the raw material of creation
  • Establishes exactly ‘where’ the planetary power and energy one wants to embody will express, the area of life or mansion of life the focus is on or needs attention

An alchemical secret associated with the alchemical principle of salt is in knowing that physical forms are not fixed but can be altered and modified according to will.


It is also important to be aware of a fourth factor that must always be taken into account. The fourth factor is the alchemist who is an inseparable and important part of the creation process.

It is the individual state of consciousness of the alchemist and their ability to identify and work with the inner processes that are constantly at play within them and reflected in the greater world that ultimately enables the alchemist to be successful in their chosen alchemical or magical endeavour.

The alchemist works with these alchemical inner processes to transform, transmute and transcend the shadow behaviours in their own consciousness that prevent magical power from flowing through them freely, thus developing greater levels of manifesting power.

These shadow behaviours are the impediments that stem from ‘poisons of spirit’. ‘Poisons of spirit’ is an occult term indicating the influence and presence of inferior metaphysical states that work against the exaltation and upliftment of the human spirit. They are destructive, chaos inducing and life stealing forces.

Full details on the 12 poisons of spirit and how to antidote them are given out in my book Eighth Ray Magic – The Magic of the Goddess – The Magic of Co-Creation.


The celestial powers that the ancient alchemists had to work so incredibly hard to harness, have become available and accessible to the modern-day magician with the Porta Alchémica® alchemical formulations or ‘tinctures’. These alchemical formulations are the an integral component of Eighth Ray Magic, which is the magic of the Goddess, the magic of co-creation.

Working with Porta Alchémica® alchemical formulations in combination with Eighth Ray magical rituals enable a modern-day magician to manifest exactly what they desire into their life and in the world around them.

Each and every time the modern-day alchemist and magician works with Eighth Ray magical rituals and Porta Alchémica® alchemical formulations to manifest their personal desires or for the benefit the collective and the Earth, they are undertaking the work of self-purification and self-transmutation to become a pure channel for the divine.

You can use a free Porta Alchémica® Story Creator tool to get started manifesting your desires today.

“Alchemy requires the interaction between the experiment and the experimenter and that to be a successful alchemist one has to be pure of spirit, to ‘receive’ understanding by divine transmission” – Sir Isaac Newton

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