Want More Luck in your Life? Let Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, Help You!

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Have you ever noticed that some areas of your life seem to flow effortlessly, almost as if they’re blessed with a touch of magick? Yet there are other areas of your life where you just don’t feel you are that lucky.

Maybe it’s your career that is going really well, but when it comes to relationships things never seem to work out that well.

Perhaps you find it really easy to get creative projects off the ground, but when it comes to making headway with money it is an uphill battle.

Whatever it may be, whether it’s your work, health, creativity, finances, or close relationships, some areas of life seem to be charmed while others just feel like a constant struggle.

The great news is that you can do something about it!

You can use planetary magick to help you. 

You can turn your luck around in any area of your life to get things moving forward in the right direction with a bit of a helping hand from none other but the planet, Jupiter – the biggest planet in the solar system. Imagine magickally tapping into and directing all that extraordinary power to unlock and activate luck in all parts of your life!

Meet Jupiter: The Planet of Luck, Optimism and Opportunity

jupiter planet

In astrology, Jupiter is hailed as the Great Benefactor of the cosmos. It is the planet associated with luck, expansion, optimism, purpose, growth, blessings and good fortune.

Jupiter’s energy is big, generous, warm and benevolent. It opens doors, expands your horizons and helps you see the bigger picture.

Generosity and faith are some of Jupiter’s gifts that help you to know that good things are available to you, if you are open to receiving them.

The Gifts of Jupiter are Waiting

for You!

By getting yourself in sync with Jupiter’s expansive and optimistic energy you can turn your luck around in any area of your life and invite good fortune and blessings into your world.

With Jupiter as your ally in life, you can manifest opportunities that will improve and enrich your life in the best ways possible.

Below are some magickal tips and tools to help you get in sync with Jupiter so you can make your own luck and live a more charmed and expansive life.  

celestial affirmation of jupiter

Use this specially created celestial affirmation to help you align with and embody the expansive, fortuitous, optimistic and joy-giving qualities of Jupiter in your life.

We recommend writing this affirmation down somewhere that you will see it and speaking it out loud as many times as you can throughout the day:

“I am the drive to seek and expand in all directions so that

a broader vision of reality awakens.

Whatever I touch creates, expands and invites opportunities

bringing the promise of good fortune and joy.”

by Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

From the book, Eighth Ray Magic – The Magic of the Goddess, The Magic of Co-Creation

invite more luck into your life

jupiter story box contents

Are you ready to make magick with Jupiter and invite more luck and blessings into your life?

With the Porta Alchémica® Jupiter Story Box© you can. And it is really simple!  

This Story Box© contains everything you need to work with Jupiter using the power of magick and ritual. As you work with the recommended ritual and magickal formulations inside this box, you can begin to feel empowered and optimistic as you set about manifesting opportunities for good fortune, and increased luck in your life.

Inside you will find a selection of Porta Alchémica® magickal formulations and ritual instructions for you to start your magickal adventure with Jupiter.

Discover Jupiter's Unique Gifts 

for you!

Image of Personal Natal report

Want to find out more about Jupiter in your life and how its special blessings, gifts and opportunities can be worked with? With your very own Live Magickally© Personal Natal Astrology Report, that I personally create for you based on your date of birth, you can learn all about it.

Inside this 50+ page full colour PDF report you will find valuable information about Jupiter’s placement in your personal natal chart. You will gain insights into your unique gifts, character traits, deep longings and much more.

Your Live Magickally© Personal Natal Astrology Report will be a valuable personal resource that will serve you for a lifetime and will empower you to live a much richer, more dynamic and more fulfilling soul-centred magickal life.


Light in Extension

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Creator and author of Eighth Ray Magick® and the Porta Alchémica® range of magickal products

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