What are the rays? What is the spiritual or metaphysical significance of the Eighth Ray on the planet at this time?

The rays are associated with types of expressions of consciousness. The rays are the builders of form and there is a correlation between the rays and the evolution of the human organism and consciousness.

The Aquarian Age is very unique in that there are two rays influencing its unfoldment and nature. This is particularly due to the spiritual complexity of this age. These ray influences are the Seventh and Eighth Rays.

Many souls who are aligned with the Seventh Ray will be seeking to evolve by working at a physical level to restore a new physical matrix or order in the world.

Those working with the Eighth Ray are working magickally and metaphysically with the power of light and the controlled use of vibration to co-create a new way of living and being on the planet through the power of Eighth Ray Magick and ritual.

Eighth Ray is the ray of magick, co-creation, regeneration and relationship. It is the ray that examplifies self-responsibility, inclusivity and self-containment.

Comprehensive information about the rays and specifically the role of the Eighth Ray in the Aquarian Age can be found in chapter 11 of the book Eighth Ray Magick – the Magick of The Goddess – the Magick of Co-Creation.


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Eighth Ray Magick