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Inspirational Books And Beautiful Divination Cards


Tap into the power of the cosmos and the intelligence of nature with Franchelle’s cards and books.

  • Create a dynamic magickal life and alchemically transform your holistic organism to live a more empowered life with Eighth Ray Magic – The Magic of the Goddess written by Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber.
  • Learn about celestial guidance and develop the ability to be more aware of and see universal patterns at work in your life and in the world around you
  • Bring the vast body of celestial wisdom, magick and knowledge into your hands for daily guidance, alchemical insight and magickal instruction with The Celestial Compendium Card Deck.


A spiritual reference point for this Aquarian Age

"I've been searching for this book, and the magic it contains since I can remember having consciousness. I've searched through thousands of books, texts, manuscripts piecing together just a fragment of what's being made available here. I experience the Eighth Ray Magic book as the spiritual reference point for this Aquarian Age. There are eons of wisdom in every sentence and while it's a lot of absorb, I feel the quality of my sleep, dreams and waking life changing by keeping it next to my bed while I sleep. It's THAT kinda book."

Kylie Slavik
Story Alchemy, USA 

Eighth Ray Magick