2020 Co-Creating a Better World – Blazing a New Trail with Goddess Magic

“In the Aquarian Age it will be common knowledge that the mystery of the feminine holds within it the secrets of creation.”

Anthony Wyber

The times we live in are extraordinary and totally unlike any other. In the Aquarian Age, the age we are living in, a completely new and unprecedented opportunity has been created to enable each person regardless of age, gender, culture or background, to work dynamically, intelligently and purposefully with the magical power of the Goddess to co-create a better world. We can get some degree of understanding on how remarkable this opportunity really is when we have some insight into the story of the Goddess.

Connection with the Goddess and her magic has a longstanding and fascinating history, and in all cultures, it has played a pivotal role in humankind’s experience of connection and direct relationship with the divine. In ancient cultures connection with the Goddess through magic and ritual was the domain of matriarchal power and women were seen to have particularly important and potent roles in facilitating the connection between the Goddess and humankind.

Over thousands of years, an intentional and ruthless process destroyed the old nature and Earth-based Goddess teachings and religions and as a result, humankind lost its connection to the Goddess and to the Divine overall. The Goddess and her magic retreated from the world and from our lives.

The outworking of this had a huge impact on the human psyche or soul and on the human spirit. People experienced loss of power, loss of the voice of truth, loss of true creativity and loss of connection to their true magical self, the divine aspect within.

With the turning of the ages and the inception of the Aquarian Age, old outworn structures are being dismantled or shattered and being replaced with new more relevant and appropriate ones. In this age, the Age of Aquarius, the age of cooperation and the return of the Goddess, humanity has the inherent right to embrace the power of the feminine, the power of working magically and ritually with the Goddess without fear of retribution.

In the Aquarian Age the Goddess has returned to us on the Eighth Ray as the Goddess Isis-Urania, the universal Goddess of creation. The Eighth Ray is the great numinous quantum highway upon which the triumphant chariot that carries the Goddess Isis-Urania and travels to arrive at and enter into all aspects of human life. She extends an invitation to work with her to restore our connection to the divine and to co-create a better world.


Eighth Ray Magic® is the high magic of the Goddess, it is nature-based magic that works with the pure magic of light, the unconquerable magic of light, to ‘purpose good’.

Eighth Ray Magic® is the world’s first truly inclusive and universal system of magic. It has democratised magic to provide an opportunity for everyone to access and work with the Goddess to create a direct connection to the divine and to co-create with Nature and the cosmos.

Eighth Ray Magic® is the magic given to humanity by the Goddess, it celebrates, honours and upholds the return of the Goddess and the reestablishment of right relationship between the divine feminine and humanity. It is the form of magic that resonates with the new race of people now emerging across the planet. It is the form of magic that works to ‘purpose good’ in our own world, in the world and in the greater universe.


As well as being completely accessible to anyone anywhere in the world, Eighth Ray Magic® is simple, elegant and very effective. It uses powerful magical processes that are economical in time and energy and can be undertaken anywhere.

In the tradition of Ancient Egypt, the modern-day Eighth Ray magician uses specific actions and potent alchemical formulas to imbue ritual with power and strength and to direct their magical intent to ‘purpose good’ to manifest the desired change or outcome.

The unique process of Eighth Ray Magic® moves the Eighth Ray ritual magician out of the ordinary or mundane mind into a ritual state of consciousness, which enables the Eighth Ray ritual magician become aligned with their true magical self and affect subtle but extraordinary changes to their reality. Whether the Eighth Ray ritual magician conducts the Eighth Ray Magic® rituals for personal good or for others, the unconquerable magic of light oscillates back and forth between the magician and the greater world, creating positive and lasting change in the very fabric of the universe.

I would love to hear from you, please share your comments and experiences below.


Light in Extension


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