Deep Emotional Healing with Eighth Ray Flower of Venus Ritual

Many of our best efforts can be undermined by the emotional wounds that we carry through life. These wounds can be inflicted upon us from an early age through the thoughtlessness of others, by bullying, through painful emotional and relationship experiences and also they can come with us when we incarnate.

Untransmuted emotional wounds can be projected onto others and we can inadvertently wound others when we act out on our emotional woundedness. These behaviours in turn can impede our own ability to express and embody divine feminine energy effectively and powerfully.

You can work with the Eighth Ray Flower of Venus Ritual© to call upon the healing powers of the planet Venus and the zodiacal sign of Cancer to help you magically and alchemically bring about healing and create a new life story of emotional resilience, non-reactiveness and love. By undertaking this ritual for yourself you will also be sending out a call into the world to enhance the return of the loving, tender and nurturing powers of the Goddess.

The Eighth Ray Flower of Venus Ritual© is a libation ritual that combines the forces of a planetary influence, a zodiacal influence and a mansion of life influence.

The planet Venus is very sacred to the Goddess. In the alchemical tradition, the planet Venus represents the emotional life and desire nature as well as the creative imagination of the alchemist. Working with the power of Venus as a powerful ally helps to consciously introduce the principle of relatedness and harmony into the life.

The zodiacal sign of Cancer is a water sign and corresponds to the archetype of ‘The Caregiver’. The core theme is one of being highly attuned and sensitive to the needs of others; engaging in a warm, instinctive, helpful and emotionally focussed manner. Working with the power of Cancer as an ally helps to develop emotional resilience, kindness, receptivity and intuition.

Venus has a natural correlation to the 2nd Mansion of Life, which is where the affairs of our life that relate to our comfort and sense of safety and security in the world reside. Working with the power of the 2nd Mansion of Life as an ally helps to experience self-worth, self-esteem and stability.

The Eighth Ray Flower of Venus Ritual© is a very effective Eighth Ray magic ritual that is used when you want to apply a comprehensive celestial influence to change your personal world. The ritual links you into the sacred cycles and numinous power of the planet Venus, known to the ancients as the ‘Radiant Queen of the Sky’.

While the Eighth Ray Flower of Venus Ritual© is ideally carried out with eight steps it can also be conducted using the simple five-step ritual process shown below. For the full eight-step ritual process please see the book Eighth Ray Magic: The Magic of the Goddess – The Magic of Co-Creation.


“To bring about deep emotional healing so I may embody divine feminine energy with ease.

Steps of the ritual

Before you begin

Establish your magical focus which is ‘to bring about deep emotional healing so I may embody divine feminine energy with ease’.

Put on your altar the following Porta Alchémica® alchemical formulations that correlate with your magical objective:


You will also need:

  • Specially dedicated chalice or goblet
  • Incense burner and charcoal (optional)


Put a small amount of pure water in your chalice.

Optional: Burning ritual incense creates a magical bridge between heaven and earth and the energies you are working with. Make sure the charcoal tablet is glowing and ready in the incense burner before you add the incense. Put a pinch of the planetary incense on the glowing charcoal before you begin the ritual.

Step 1

Anoint yourself with ritual oils

Place three drops of Venus planetary anointing oil and three drops of Cancer zodiacal anointing oil in a triangle pattern on your inner wrists. Then using your right index finger, touch the anointing oil on your left wrist and anoint your third eye between the eyebrows with the symbol of the lemniscate which is a figure eight on its side.

Then rub your wrists together in a figure eight motion, inhale the fragrance deeply three times and say:

“I attune to the magical frequency of Venus and Cancer”

Step 2

Planetary Elixir

Place three drops of Venus planetary elixir in a triangular pattern into the water in the chalice. Start at the apex of the triangle with one drop of planetary elixir, then at each other point of the triangle.

As you do so, say silently or out loud:

“I call upon the power, intelligence and purposeful action of the planet Venus…”

Step 3

Zodiacal Elixir

Repeat as above with Cancer zodiacal elixir and say silently or out loud:

“…to express powerfully, intelligently and purposefully through the zodiacal sign of Cancer…”

Step 4

Mansion of Life Elixir

Repeat as above with 2nd house mansions of life elixir and say silently or out loud:

“… and manifest powerfully, intelligently and purposefully in the 2nd mansion of my life.”

Then place your hands in a triangular shape, thumb to thumb, index finger to index finger over the top of the chalice. Blow through the triangle onto the water and then say:

“The sacred alchemical rose flowers within the chalice of my being.”

Slowly drink the potentised water in your chalice that has alchemically transformed to now become an alchemical Flower of Venus ritual libation.

Step 5

Lock in the magical frequency and seal the aura

Spray Porta Alchemica Alchemist Aura Mist three times in the shape of a triangle – above the head, then above the right and then left shoulder to lock in your intent and seal the aura to hermetically contain the energies and powers you wish to express and make manifest. The Porta Alchemica Alchemist Aura Mist acts to create the alchemical rosarium, the sacred rose garden of the alchemist. It encloses the purified holy place, the sacred space wherein the alchemist can contemplate and work with the energies now contained in the aura, the ‘alembic’ of their being. Then say decisively and forcefully:

“Consummatum est!”

Your ritual is now complete.

Summary of everything you need for this ritual

  1. An altar – view detailed instructions for how to create a ritual altar here
  2. Alchemical formulations required to carry out the ritual

  3. Ritual altar items 
    • Dedicated chalice
    • Incense burner (optional)
  4. You may also select from any of the magical correspondences to synergistically complement and energetically enhance the magical results and effects of your ritual
  • Crystals and Gems - Emerald, Peridot
  • Colours - Green, Emerald Green, Blue
  • Herbs and Plants - Primrose, Violet, Peach
  • Essential Oils - Rose, Geranium, Sandalwood, Orange

This powerful Eighth Ray Flower of Venus Ritual© can be conducted daily and as often as you wish to continue sending out a call for the restoration of your own emotional wellbeing and to support the Divine Feminine and the return of the Goddess in your personal life and in the collective.

I would love to hear from you, please share your comments and experiences below.


Light in Extension


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