Embracing the Mystery and Celebrating Divine Love

The ancients and holy people of all ages and traditions have known and utilised the power of anointing to enhance and accelerate their spiritual development.

Anointing is a beautiful practice that has marked and blessed times of transition, festivities, prophecy and (very importantly) joy.

Inherent in the act of anointing is the recognition of a special relationship with the divine, the power of that connection and the acknowledgement of the responsibility of celebrating, honouring and upholding that sacred connection and relationship.

Now, with the help of First Light Porta Alchemica® and Eighth Ray Magic® this sacred process is available to each and every one of us.

“The more I anoint, the more my mind adheres physically to the mysterious fabric of love”

Héléne Cixous


We all experience times of initiation, transition and change. From puberty, entering the work force, bearing children, losing loved ones, we all encounter life circumstances that change and mould our character and even touch our essential essence.

During these times we must pass through a metaphysical ‘doorway’ and enter a new phase of life, a new role in life, a new stage of life or a new experience of life.

It is at these times when through choice or through being compelled by the circumstances of life that one is poised on the threshold between the old and the new.

These are called ‘leave-taking’ experiences because the person who goes through them must necessarily leave something of themselves behind.

In a more general sense ‘leave-taking’ refers to that in the life which no longer serves a useful purpose. It refers to that which is old, worn out or is no longer relevant.

They are the same and forever changed.

The 21st century alchemist and eighth ray ritual magician proactively and intentionally works with the ritual act of anointing to metaphysically ‘change status’ by taking leave of that in their own life or consciousness which limits, no longer applies, works or serves their individual spiritual growth.


The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius that happened 21 December 2020 during the solstice is considered the formal entry point into the Aquarian Age. This conjunction was a very rare and important event and has been followed up with a five planet stellium in the sign of Aquarius further anchoring this catalysing and unifying energy into our individual psyche and the global community.

With the planet Mercury currently retrograding in the sign of Aquarius it is a powerful time to assess what is relevant and what is worn out, and ready oneself for the ‘leave-taking’ experience.

This is as big an initiation and cosmic shift as they come. We have an opportunity to embrace a whole new way of innovative and co-operative thinking and being in the world. It is an exciting invitation to dream a new collective dream resulting in truly original solutions to the dire issues we are facing.

So, here is your invitation to pass through the ‘metaphysical’ doorway ahead, leaving behind what weighs you down, choosing a new way forward, and tune into the joy of the cosmic heart.


With so much love as you navigate these interesting times


Light in Extension


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