Libra: Keywords, Colours and Crystals – Zodiacal Correspondences

The Keywords
Associated with Libra


The stellar power that shines through the zodiacal sign Libra is associated with the archetypes:

  • The Lover
  • The Socialite
  • The Mediator

and the following keywords:

  • appreciative
  • balanced
  • beautifying
  • bringing people together
  • collaborative
  • conciliatory
  • compromising
  • cooperative
  • diplomatic
  • egalitarian
  • elegant
  • equilibrating
  • graceful
  • harmonising
  • judicial
  • love-based
  • mediating
  • peace-loving
  • persuasive
  • poised
  • reciprocating
  • refined
  • tactful
  • understanding
  • uniting
  • Use any of the above keywords to create your own powerful magickal intentions when working with Eighth Ray Magick Rituals and the zodiacal sign Libra. View instructions for creating your own Eighth Ray Magick rituals here.

    The Colours
    Associated with Libra

    The zodiac sign of Libra, governed by Venus and belonging to the Air element, associates with specific colours that capture its aesthetic inclinations, harmonious nature, and quest for balance.

    Here are some colours particularly in tune with Libra:

    These colour associations offer a rich palette of options that can be integrated into your practices. Whether it's for healing modalities, or personal development, understanding these colour synergies can deepen the interpretive and therapeutic range of various endeavours, aligning well with Libra's characteristics.


    This colour evokes Libra's romantic and gentle side, highlighting their love for harmony and peace.

    Pale Green

    Soft shades of green can balance the mind and encourage tranquillity, aligning well with Libra’s quest for equilibrium.


    Particularly light blues and turquoises, these colours reflect Libra's calm demeanour and preference for balanced, clear communication.


    This soft purple hue helps tap into Libra’s aesthetic sensibilities, encouraging relaxation and a peaceful state of mind.


    Associated with purity and simplicity, white captures the Libra’s innate desire for clarity and uncluttered spaces.

    Cream and Beige

    These neutral tones offer a sense of balance and understated elegance, mirroring Libra’s love for simplicity and beauty.


    As a colour representing sophistication and modernity, silver aligns with Libra’s chic, refined tastes.


    This warm, inviting colour can ignite Libra's sociable side, encouraging connections and interactions.

    When conducting an Eighth Ray Magick Ritual with the zodiacal sign Libra, you can:

    Write Down or Draw Your Magickal Intention

    Write your Eighth Ray magickal intention in your journal or on a piece of paper. You can write with colour pens or pencils, or use colour pages, that have the colour associated with the zodiacal sign Libra. Or you can draw a picture or a symbol that represents your Eighth Ray magickal intention. Use crayons, pencils or paints that have the colour associated with the zodiacal sign Libra. 

    Light a Candle

    You can use the candle of the colour associated with the zodiacal sign Libra.

    The Crystals
    Associated with Libra

    The zodiac sign of Libra, ruled by Venus and part of the Air element, naturally resonates with crystals that align with its balanced, harmonious, and diplomatic nature.

    Here are some crystals that are particularly beneficial for Librans:

    These crystals can be integrated seamlessly into your existing practices. Whether you're teaching, healing, or guiding others, understanding the intricate resonances of these crystals with the Libra zodiac sign offers a multi-layered approach to holistic wellness and spiritual growth.

    Rose Quartz

    Known as the stone of universal love, Rose Quartz harmonizes well with Libra’s quest for peace and balanced relationships.

    Lapis Lazuli

    This deep blue crystal enhances Libra’s natural wisdom and sense of justice, aiding in balanced decision-making.


    A crystal that resonates with beauty and desire, Opal amplifies Libra’s Venusian qualities, aiding in aesthetic appreciation and emotional richness.


    This stone helps in calming the mind and enhancing mental clarity, aligning well with Libra’s balanced and diplomatic nature.


    Particularly pink or green tourmaline, these stones encourage emotional balance and openness, traits appreciated by Libras.


    Known for bringing tranquillity and focus, Sapphire can assist Libras in channeling their intellectual energies more effectively.


    This bright crystal enhances optimism and clarity, helping Libras maintain their naturally upbeat demeanour.


    A stone of prosperity and balance, Jade helps Libras in aligning their need for material and emotional equilibrium.


    This crystal nurtures emotional intelligence and empathy, enabling Libra to connect more deeply in relationships.


    This grounding stone enhances courage and determination, qualities that can help Libra when indecision strikes.

    When conducting an Eighth Ray Magick Ritual with the zodiacal sign Libra, you can:

    Put Your Written Magickal Intention Under a Crystal

    Put your written Eighth Ray Magickal intention under a crystal.

    Use the crystal associated with the zodiacal sign Libra.

    Riding the Moon's Magickal Tides of Power with Rituals and the 12 Zodiacal Signs

    Tips and Rituals

    The Moon moves into a new zodiacal sign approximately every 2-3 days. You can ride the Moon's magickal tides of power to help you bring your goals into fruition, manifest your dreams and desires, magickally empower your intentions, send healing energies into the world and much more. 

    Visit the Live Magickally® Moon Calendar to view magickal tips and upcoming rituals. 

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