Solstice Ritual: Transforming Personal and Collective Karma Generated from Disorder and Corruption

I love the month of December as the Sun moves into the zodiacal sign of Capricorn and we celebrate the Solstice festival, summer solstice in the southern hemisphere and winter solstice in the north. Solstices are pivotal solar festivals and cosmic events that energetically shape and energise  human endeavours, destiny and the future. This year the Sun moves into Capricorn on the 22nd of December.

The December solstice is the time when the influx of both celestial and metaphysical light are at their greatest. Working magically with this influx of celestial and metaphysical light at this pivotal time enables us to help co-create a new vision for the world, one where respect, order, true wisdom and social responsibility are restored and valued.

The zodiacal sign of Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn, the Lord of Karma, brings disciplined and orderly forces into play and offers a potent opportunity to work magically to help restore the universal laws that have been pushed aside by the forces of disorder and corruption at all levels of humanity, both personally and collectively.

Working with the Eighth Ray Spiritual Transformation Ritual, where we work with ‘Sun Magic’, which is literally the ‘magic of light’, as the Sun enters Capricorn enables us to work to balance the personal and collective karma that has been generated from disorder and corruption.


You will work with the alchemical frequency or ‘celestial song’ of the zodiacal month of Capricorn, from December 22nd  – January 20th. The ‘celestial song’ of Capricorn is composed of the interwoven frequencies of the Planet Saturn, the Zodiacal sign of Capricorn, and the 10th Mansion of Life.

The Eighth Ray Spiritual Transformation Ritual is a spiritual practice that sends out magical power and blessings to the world on a daily basis and works to help address and balance personal and collective karma. This powerful daily spiritual practice is ideally worked with as a morning ritual.


Conducting a morning ritual associated with the Sun is a very ancient practice used in various forms by holy men and women throughout the world. The Sun has a life-giving influence and is inseparably associated with the magical activities of creation. It works with the yang and creation power of the divine masculine as the animating solar principle to actively change the fabric of the universe for the greater good.

Each month, as the zodiacal sign changes, you can easily move into working with the Eighth Ray Spiritual Transformation Ritual for the next zodiacal ‘celestial song’. You can read more about the magical timing of the Eighth Ray Spiritual Transformation Ritual on page 277 of my book Eighth Ray Magic: The Magic of the Goddess – The Magic of Co-Creation.


“To transform personal and collective karma generated from disorder and corruption.”


Before you begin

Establish your magical focus which is ‘to transform personal and collective karma generated from disorder and corruption.

Put on your altar the following Porta Alchémica® alchemical formulations that correlate with your magical objective:

You will also need:

  • Small dish to contain the anointing oils
  • Incense burner and charcoal
  • Specially dedicated chalice or goblet
  • Matches or lighter
  • White or beeswax central candle
  • Porta Alchémica® Aura Mist (optional)
  • Isis-Urania crystal wand (optional)

Put a small amount of pure water in your chalice. Make sure the charcoal tablet is glowing and ready in the incense burner before you add the incense. Put a pinch of the planetary incense on the glowing charcoal before you begin the ritual.

Step 1

Burn Saturn planetary ritual incense

Place a pinch of the Saturn planetary incense on the glowing charcoal and when it is smoking say:

“I bridge the worlds with this sacred suffumigation of Saturn”

Step 2

Light the central ritual candle

Light the central ritual candle. Your intent is also project light into the world powerfully, intelligently and purposefully and to be one with the energies of co-creation to ‘purpose good’. The four statements that you make as you light the ritual candle create an arrow of light that forms a pathway for the projection of light. The projection of light expresses as a manifestation of divine will, divine mind and divine love to create a magical outcome that is a manifestation of the restorative power of the co-creative masculine.


“Light victorious, light triumphant, light eternal, light in extension!”

Step 3

Anoint yourself with the planetary and zodiacal anointing oils.

Use your index finger and dip it into the anointing oil in the dish that contains Saturn planetary anointing oil and Capricorn zodiacal anointing oil. Anoint the mark of the solar cross, the equiarm cross, on the centre of your forehead just above the bridge of your nose.

Say as you do so,

“The mark of solar magic”

Then place three drops of each of the anointing oils directly from the bottles in a triangle pattern on your inner left wrist. Then bring your inner wrists together with your wrists in a cross symbol in front of your body. Rub your wrists together and then inhale the fragrance deeply three times.

Step 4

Ingest the elixirs as a ritual libation

Place three drops in a triangular pattern of each of the elixirs into the chalice.

Start with the Saturn planetary elixir, then add the Capricorn zodiacal elixir and finally add the 10th house mansion of life elixir. There will be nine drops of alchemical elixir added to the chalice.

As you add the three drops of each elixir in a successive triangular pattern into the water in your chalice, see in your mind how you are magically creating and extending a bridge of light in order to send up the energies of pain, sorrow, suffering and negativity to the Sun to be transmuted. You are doing this through the power of magical invocation using your ritual prayer of magical intent. This work is being supported by the Sun itself and you are co-creating this work with the ‘magic of the Sun’ whose ‘mark’ you have anointed yourself with.

Sending up the negative energy to the rays of the Sun to be transmuted by working ‘Sun Magic’

As you are placing the drops of each planetary, zodiacal and mansion of life elixir into the chalice you are reciting your ‘ritual prayer of intent’. This is a formal and structured three-part invocation and is a very important part of the Eighth Ray Spiritual Transformation Ritual process. It is the applied power of magical invocation used as a dynamic magically co-creative act. The ‘ritual prayer of magical intent’ is an invocative magical statement or commentary of magical intent and purpose created based on Saturn, Capricorn and the 10th mansion of life.

  • As you place the Saturn planetary elixir drops in the chalice say,

“I call upon the power, intelligence and purposeful action of the planet Saturn”

  • Add the Capricorn zodiacal elixir drops and say,

to express powerfully, intelligently and purposefully through the zodiacal sign of Capricorn”

  • Then add the 10th house mansion of life elixir drops and say,

“and work powerfully, intelligently and purposefully through the tenth mansion of life.”

  • Then say,

“To create a bridge of light.”

  • Then place your hands in a triangular shape, thumb to thumb, index finger to index finger over the top of the chalice. Blow through the triangle onto the water and say,

“The breath of life quickens the waters of transformation and transmutation.”

  • Then slowly drink the potentised water that has been alchemically transformed to now become the ‘living waters of expiation’. Say decisively and powerfully,

“With the assistance of my celestial allies I create a bridge of light, I send all that is ready to be transformed and transmuted in my world to the rays of the central Sun where it will be cleansed, and peace will reign. I send all that is ready to be transformed and transmuted in the world to the rays of the central Sun where it will be cleansed, and peace will reign. I send all that is ready to be transformed and transmuted in the greater universe to the rays of the central Sun where it will be cleansed, and peace will reign.”

  • Pause, then say,

“Behold the heavens. Behold the earth. Behold the child!”

Step 5

Send the energy out on the spirit breath to magically open the Eighth Ray Magic portal on the selected frequency

To the alchemist, the breath, as well as being the essence of life itself is magically understood to be the ‘spirit breath’ and is one of the key animating and vivifying principles in alchemy.

If you have one, pick up your Eighth Ray Isis-Urania crystal wand in readiness to send the energy out and magically open the eighth ray magic portal. Hold the Isis-Urania crystal wand with both hands in front of you, eight fingers to the front of the crystal wand and your two thumbs at the back.

If you do not have the Isis-Urania crystal wand, just proceed with the breath sequence.

Take three slow deep breaths to alchemically and magically weave the energies that you have ingested in the spiritual transformation ritual libation into a unified light power and to open the Eighth Ray Magic portal. Each time you breathe out after taking in breath, blow the breath out before you like a wind by exhaling strongly through slightly pursed lips. If you have an Isis-Urania crystal wand then blow your intent four times into the crystal ball at the top of your Isis-Urania crystal wand and say:

“I blow it through my world (Then blow your first spirit breath)

I blow it through the world (Then blow your second spirit breath)

I blow it through the greater universe (Then blow your third spirit breath)

I blow it through the worlds” (Then blow your fourth spirit breath)"

Step 6 (optional)

Lock in the magical frequency and seal the aura

Spray the Porta Alchemica® Aura Mist three times in the shape of a triangle: above the head, then above the right and then left shoulder to lock in your intent and seal the aura to hermetically contain the energies and powers you wish to express and make manifest. Say silently or preferably decisively and forcefully out loud,

“Consummatum est!”

 Your Eighth Ray Spiritual Transformation Ritual is now complete.

Summary of everything you need for this ritual

An altar – view detailed instructions for how to create a ritual altar here

Alchemical formulations required to carry out the ritual

Ritual altar items 

  • Dedicated chalice
  • Incense burner
  • Aura mist (optional)
  • Isis-Urania crystal wand (optional)

This Eighth Ray Spiritual Transformation Ritual is a very powerful solar magic ritual. It is best to be conducted daily in the morning for the duration of the zodiacal month.

I would love to hear from you, please share your comments and experiences below.


Light in Extension


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