The Ages Turn – Spiritual Practice in the Aquarian Age

Approximately every 2000 years, the Earth and humanity undergo a developmental shift that, in astrological terms, is called the ‘Precession of the Equinoxes’, which is indicative of a change in the world age. We are currently living through one of those shifts, moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, which explains a lot about the current state of world affairs and why many spiritual practices no longer deliver satisfying or meaningful results.


The dominant ray during the Piscean Age was the sixth ray. This ray is known as the ray of devotion or idealism. This quality that over-lit humanity’s evolution during the past 2000 years created spiritual, religious and social structures that tended toward ‘unquestioning belief’ and the emergence of many hierarchical structures that, as we can observe at the very end of the Piscean Age, have led to power imbalances, blind faith and disillusionment.

The spiritual practices that arose during the Piscean Age, an Age dominated by faith based religions, are diverse and have emerged from many, many different cultures. Almost universally, these practices in one way or another, are devotional in nature. Also individual power is ceded to a higher authority, generally via an intermediary, such as a priest or guru.


The emerging Aquarian Age is unique and will change the course of human evolution forever. It is the age where the eighth ray is emerging and coming into form. The shift from a sixth-ray matrix to an eighth-ray matrix has cosmic implications and anything that has cosmic implications also has very profound personal implications.

The eighth ray, the ray of relationship and the ray of the goddess is the only ray that has two ray masters. These ray masters are the embodiment of the eighth ray with its inherent equilibrating and harmonising influence of the divine feminine and the divine masculine working together equally in relationship. The eighth ray is a ray of cooperation and co-creation. What the changing of the world age and the anchoring in of the eighth ray signifies is that we now have the opportunity to experience a direct universal engagement with the cosmic forces and with divinity in a particularly dynamic and universal way. This is the age where those who hear the call can work to develop their own innate divine powers and in so doing work to ultimately bring heaven to earth to create the perfection that exists on the twelfth plane on Earth.

This unprecedented shift brings dramatic change. Those with eyes to see or the sensitivity to be aware of these changes are searching for new sources of universal spiritual power that they can access and work with to make spiritual progress. Tuning into the new universal matrix and ‘plugging in’ will be challenging for many, but it is important to know that the universal spiritual practices for the Aquarian Age are functioning and available.


In the Aquarian Age, there are three separate but complementary core eighth ray spiritual practice rituals. These eighth ray spiritual practice rituals are a powerful means for making spiritual progress in the Aquarian Age as well as providing a platform for the aspiring eighth ray ritual magicians to participate in reshaping the world.

These rituals are The Eighth Ray Spiritual Transformation Ritual, The Eighth Ray Spiritual Activism Ritual and the Eighth Ray Isis-Urania Ritual, each of which is a world creation ritual in its own right. Together, these three rituals form a great triangle of magical and ritual power – a great dance of life where the divine masculine and the divine feminine within each one of us become united and dance together as one.  They are a divine combination of the solar light of the Sun and the lunar light of the Moon.

The alchemical dictum Solve et coagula, meaning dissolve and reform, correlates to the three Spiritual Practice Rituals. The solar and masculine aspect of The Eighth Ray Spiritual Transformation Ritual dissolves forms (Solve) to enable new forms to be created. The lunar and feminine aspect of the Eighth Ray Spiritual Activism Ritual creates the new forms (Coagula). The perfectly poised space between the dissolution and reformation (et) where the Sun and Moon energies intersect is held by The Eighth Ray Isis-Urania Ritual. The word et means and, which is a conjunction. A conjunction works to unite or join.

Spiritual Practice in the Aquarian Age is universally accessible and operates outside of pre existing practices, credos, ceremonies, rituals, religions and belief systems. It can be joyfully undertaken alongside any and all of your current practices as it is universal. All men and women can equally undertake the Spiritual Practice rituals so they can connect into the new emerging matrix. The Spiritual Practice rituals enable all people to purpose good in the world and to stand for a better world.

I would love to hear from you, please share your comments and experiences below.


Light in Extension


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