Walk Through the Door to a Powerful New Reality

For thousands upon thousands of years…

The wise have worked magically with the powers of the Sun and Stars, to help them through the most challenging of times.

You can too.

This moment is your invitation to remember or rediscover what was once commonly known…

And to work magically and cooperatively with the cosmic winds blowing change into the world, and into our lives.

Each time the Sun moves into a new zodiacal sign, the quality of the cosmic winds changes and opens the doors to the special energies and powers associated with the zodiacal sign.

The Sun moves into the zodiacal sign of Scorpio on Friday October 23rd.

What does that mean for you?

Scorpio’s special powers assist you to become more magically powerful, more charismatic, and increase your determination.

Working magically, vibrationally and ritually with Scorpio brings about powerful transformations in consciousness that are regenerative and potent. New ideas emerge and solutions are revealed.

Conducting a daily Eighth Ray Magic Chalice Ritual with Scorpio is the way to assertively align yourself with these cosmic forces.

In only 10 minutes a day…

It can help you draw on your own inner resources, find your own solutions and reclaim your power.

You only need these 3 Porta Alchemica® formulations to do this ritual:


Steps of the ritual:

  • Anoint with Scorpio anointing oil. Place 3 drops of Scorpio anointing oil on your inner wrists. Use your right index finger to touch the oil on your inner left wrist and anoint your third eye between the eyebrows with the symbol of the lemniscate, which is a figure eight on its side. Then rub your wrists together in a figure eight motion and inhale the fragrance deeply three times and say “I attune to the magical frequency of Scorpio”
  • Ingest Scorpio Zodiacal Elixir. Place 3 drops of Scorpio Zodiacal elixir in your chalice in a triangle shape, starting at the top, then one drop at each of the other two points of the triangle. As you do so say “My inner alchemist aligns with the energies and powers of Scorpio”. Then place your hands in a triangle shape, thumb to thumb, index finger to index finger over the top of the chalice and blow through the triangle onto the water. Then say “The sacred alchemical rose flowers within the chalice of my being”. Slowly drink the water in your chalice which has alchemically transformed into an alchemical chalice libation.
  • Lock in the magical frequency and seal the aura. Spray Porta Alchemica Aura Mist three times in a triangle pattern: above the head, then over the right then left shoulder, saying “Consummatum est!”


That’s it!

Remember, these alchemical rituals are specifically formulated for this current Age.

Have an expectancy that magical results will ensue!

If you’d like to share your experience of the magical results, we’d love to hear from our ‘Porta Alchemists’. Just email us at [email protected] or leave a comment below.


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