Why Do Amulets Have Magickal Powers?

Amulets are charged magickal items that both protect and bring good luck to the wearer.

Amulets have been traditionally worn as powerful devices of protection in all ancient traditions and in every corner of the world. From the ancient Egyptian winged scarab amulet set into a mummy to ensure rebirth into the next life to a rabbit’s foot hanging from a car mirror, humans have always been naturally attuned to the protective and life giving powers of amulets.


Limestone and ochre Venus figurine (amulet), Upper Paleolithic age (approx. 50,000 – 10,000 B.C.) from Austria and on display in the Natural History Museum in Vienna

In all religions and traditions, amulets have held a special place and been revered for their actual power to protect the wearer from all forms of evil, danger and disease as well as bringing the wearer good health and fortune. They have been worn and held as a blessing and as a touchstone for good luck and to ward off unwanted, negative forces. They have also been widely used in buildings and rooms to bring specific protective or health promoting energies to the space.

The use of various amulets has been so widespread in human life that the earliest use dates back to 25,000 B.C. where Venus figurines were commonly used as amulets which were recognised as powerful fertility symbols.

The ancient Egyptian scarab beetle is possibly one of the most well-known and recognised symbols of protection, good fortune and safe passage and has been a feature on amulets since ancient Egyptian times.

Faience with blue glaze Scarab with Wings (amulet), Third Intermediate-early Late Period (between 1070 and 525BC) from Egypt and on display at Walters Art Museum in USA

Both the winged scarab and ‘heart scarab’ were widely used as amulets in ancient Egypt during many reigns and dynasties. The scarab symbolised the power of rebirth through its association with the Sun, which was believed to die each night and be reborn as a scarab beetle in the morning. ‘Heart scarabs’ were, as their name suggests, symbolic of the heart, which was highly significant to the ancient Egyptians who believed it to be the seat of the mind. They were commonly inscribed on one side with verses from the Book of the Dead and used as funerary amulets to enhance the person’s opportunity for rebirth in the next life.


Amulets, when they are made in a specific manner at the right time, become magickally empowered items that derive power from their connection with natural forces and the spiritual or cosmic realm. In ancient times, the knowledge of how to do this was closely guarded and over the years it has almost been lost. Very few people know how to create a truly potent magickally empowered amulet. And it is usually not very well understood that the state of consciousness of the person who creates or empowers the amulet has a direct effect on the power and potency of the amulet.

A magickally empowered amulet, when worn, can send a message to the world that you are not to be messed with and that you care for and take responsibility for your own sacred space. It makes a powerful statement that you are connected to benevolent forces and it acts as a powerful protection.

When worn on a regular basis your magickal amulet becomes deeply infused with your own divine nature and it develops its own relationship with you. Over time, your amulet or amulets become powerful magickal force fields that are an extension of your true nature, your true magickal self.

Magickal amulets can be worn on a daily basis or be set aside for specific uses and special occasions, such as rituals and ceremonies.


In the Aquarian Age, the age of the return and the reign of the Goddess, specially designed and magically empowered amulets gain a whole new level of meaning and purpose. Wearing these magickal amulets is a powerful statement of your connection to the Goddess and her magickal powers.


In Eighth Ray Magick, the magick of the Goddess, these special amulets are worn to enhance the magickal powers of the magician who works to send the restorative light of the Goddess out into the world and into the greater universe. As with the sacred magickal amulets of old, these amulets are made in a specific manner from specially chosen materials and at specific times. They are magickally blessed and spiritually empowered for maximum potency.

For example, the Isis-Urania Ritual Lamen Amulet is made from pure sterling silver, lapis lazuli and moonstone. It takes the form of the winged scarab which was the supreme ancient Egyptian symbol for magick. This amulet is worn as a symbol of magickal authority and as a focus of magickal energies. It expresses the character, power and intention of a person working Goddess magick.

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