Can I change the steps in the Eighth Ray rituals or add them to my other rituals and ceremonies?

Eighth Ray ritual, to be truly effective and accomplish that which has been created to do, has to be very carefully and precisely put together to create or generate the complex metaphysical influences, energetic responses and patterns necessary to invoke and evoke the required energies, responses and outcomes from the greater universe and the Eighth Ray ritual magician themselves.

An Eighth Ray ritual is like a beautiful song that has been created through the careful arrangement of chords and words that requires carefully selected instruments and the appropriate voice to enable it to be performed as it was intended to be. Change a word, chord or instrument and the beautiful song loses its integrity and its beauty. It takes a great deal of musical and melodic skill, knowledge and experience to create a beautiful song.

Exactly the same principle applies to Eighth Ray rituals. It takes an enormous amount of magickal and metaphysical skill, knowledge and experience to create an Eighth Ray ritual that is fit for purpose. Eighth Ray rituals work on many levels or ‘planes’ and their working is dependent upon inner planes ‘contact’ or linkages that have been established and are in place on the inner planes. These linkages are then ‘switched on’ by the ritual process and the ritual can move the energies in the way necessary to accomplish the objective. 

The way to ‘switch on’ these linkages has to be very metaphysically and symbolically precise and this metaphysical and symbolic precision is built into the words, gestures, actions, implements and objects of the ritual. The Eighth Ray rituals are also designed to operate within a specific ‘band width’ or frequency range defined as a field of quantum forces. These fields of quantum forces are very energetically specific and can only be accessed in certain particular magickal ways.

This process can be likened to tuning a radio receiver to a particular band width to receive a radio signal or radio station. What is more the fields of quantum forces have inherent within them their own unique dynamics and ways for operating. Those dynamics do not necessarily integrate with or operate well when in proximity to other fields of forces. It is just like a radio when the radio station is not tuned properly or static is coming out of the radio. 

From an energetic perspective the fields of force can act as repellent to each other, they can cause a reaction just like that when two different chemicals are mixed together that shouldn’t be. The result is discord of some kind and can create the shorting out or arcing of high tension energies like that which can occur with devices using electrical currents. All of these are very undesirable and can in some cases be very harmful and very occasionally quite dangerous. 

The general rule is only carry out the Eighth Ray rituals as instructed and for the purpose they are intended. Do not change them or mix them in with other types of ritual or ceremonies. 

Comprehensive information about the Eighth Ray rituals can be found in my book Eighth Ray Magick – the Magick of The Goddess – the Magick of Co-Creation.


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