How does a person know which ray they are on?

Each holistic aspect of a person’s makeup is governed by a ray and the rays governing these aspects of the holistic self are usually different. For example, a person’s physical body may be governed by the seventh ray, their emotional body by the third ray, the lower mental body by the fifth ray and the egoic or soul body by the sixth ray.

We are not all governed by the same rays. The soul ray is the ray for the soul family or soul group a person is a member of and the soul tends to remain on that ray for very long period of time.

The soul of each human is expressive of, aligned to and allied with one of the eight rays and through that particular influential quality the destiny of that human is defined.

We are currently leaving one world age (Piscean Age) and entering another (Aquarian Age). Each world age is also primarily conditioned by a specific ray. For example, the Piscean Age, which is now ending, was conditioned by the sixth ray, the ray of devotion and idealism. During the 2,000 year Piscean Age, there was a predominance of souls aligned with the sixth ray incarnating during that period.

The emergence of the eighth ray at this time is concomitant with the onset of the Aquarian Age, which we are now entering. Uniquely, the Aquarian Age is conditioned by the relationship between two rays, the Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order and the Eighth Ray of Co-Creation and Ritual. It is said that the ray master of the Seventh Ray described himself as “a seventh ray master working for an eighth ray objective”, which is to bring heaven to earth.

While living in the Aquarian Age you can be influenced by both rays and be working with both the seventh and eighth rays – they are uniquely synergistic and complementary. The eighth ray operates in synergistic resonance with the seventh ray.

The seventh ray has a slightly more obvious or exoteric influence on the unfoldment of the Aquarian Age, in that it is more projective and visible. The eighth ray is more veiled or esoteric and operates in a more occult and magickal way.

Put very simply, any person who has heard the call to work with eighth ray ritual magick will be aligned with and allied to both the seventh and eighth rays which are the conditioning agents of force of the Aquarian Age.

All Souls Have a Resonance with the Eighth Ray

All souls on the planet at this time have a resonance with the eighth ray, the ray of the Goddess, the ray of relationship, the ray of co-creation as its presence sends out a call that is an invitation to create a better world. Some will hear this call, and act on it, others will not.

It is important to remember that the rays influence all of creation. While we are primarily operating and undertaking our spiritual objectives through the influence of one or more rays, there is an ongoing general advancement with the other rays as well.

Comprehensive information about the rays and specifically the role of the eighth ray in the Aquarian Age can be found in chapter 11 of the book Eighth Ray Magick – the Magick of The Goddess – the Magick of Co-Creation.


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