Releasing Fear of Taking Initiative and Stepping Out into the World – Eighth Ray Chalice Ritual: Aries

Eighth Ray Chalice Ritual©

Releasing Fear of Taking Initiative and Stepping Out into the World

Aries extends a potent invitation to seize the initiative and meet the world with amplified courage.

Through this Eighth Ray Chalice Ritual©, you can harness celestial forces to embolden your presence, cultivate unwavering confidence, and courageously step out into the world.

Repeat this ritual as many times as you like, knowing that with each ritual, you evolve and embark on a journey of self-realization and fearless self-expression, embracing your destiny.

While the Eighth Ray Chalice Ritual© is ideally carried out with eight steps it can also be conducted using the simple three-step ritual process shown below. For the full eight-step ritual process please see the book  Eighth Ray Magic The Magic of the Goddess – The Magic of Co-Creation.

What Is Eighth Ray Chalice Ritual?

Create a Magickal Change in Your Personal World

The Eighth Ray Chalice Ritual© is a simple, quick and very effective Eighth Ray magical ritual that uses the power of vibration to enable you to call forth and integrate into your life the wisdom and guidance of your chosen celestial power and make a change in your personal world. This Eighth Ray ritual can be easily carried out by anyone no matter how busy or complex their life may be.

All Eighth Ray Rituals use Porta Alchémica® alchemical formulations that I have created specifically for the 21st century ritual and alchemical work. 

Ritual Steps

Three-Step Eighth Ray Chalice Ritual©


'To Release Fear of Taking Initiative and Stepping Out into the World'


Stand in front of your altar and set your magical focus.

Put on your altar the Porta Alchémica® alchemical formulations that correlate with your magical objective:

You will also need:

  • Specially dedicated chalice or goblet
  • White or beeswax central candle
  • Incense burner and charcoal

Put a small amount of pure water in your chalice.

Optional: Burning ritual incense creates a magical bridge between heaven and earth and the energies you are working with. Make sure the charcoal tablet is glowing and ready in the incense burner before you add the incense. Put a pinch of the planetary incense on the glowing charcoal before you begin the ritual.


Place three drops of the Porta Alchémica® anointing oil in a triangle pattern on your inner wrists. Using your index finger, touch the anointing oil on your left wrist and anoint your third eye between the eyebrows with the figure of the lemniscate, which is a figure eight on its side.

Then rub your wrists together in a figure eight motion and inhale the fragrance deeply three times.

Say silently or preferably out loud:

“I attune to the magical frequency of Aries, the zodiacal sign of assertiveness, courage, and initiative..." 


Ingest the alchemical elixir as a ritual libation.

Place three drops of the Porta Alchémica® elixir in a triangular pattern into the water in the chalice. Start at the apex with one drop of elixir then one drop at each of the other two points of the triangle as indicated in the diagram. 

As you do so say silently or out loud:

“My inner magician aligns withe the energies and powers of Aries, the zodiacal sign of assertiveness, courage and initiative..." 

Place your hands in a triangular shape, thumb to thumb, index finger to index finger over the top of the chalice. Blow through the triangle onto the water.

Then say silently or preferably out loud:

“the sacred alchemical rose of assertiveness, courage and initiative flowers within the chalice of my being."  

Slowly drink the potentised water in your chalice that has alchemically transformed to become an alchemical chalice of sacred libation.



Lock in the magical frequency and seal the aura.

Spray the Porta Alchémica® Alchemist Aura Mist three times in the shape of a triangle: above the head, then above the right and then left shoulder to lock in your intent and seal the aura to hermetically contain the energies and powers you wish to express or make manifest.

Then say decisively and forcefully,

“Consummatum est! It is done!”

Your Eighth Ray Spiritual Activism Ritual© is now complete.

This Eighth Ray Spiritual Activism Ritual© is very powerful and can be conducted daily and as often as you feel called to magically send healing light to the waterways of the earth.

Summary Of Everything You Need For This Ritual

An altar and altar items:

  • view detailed instructions for how to create a ritual altar here
  • Dedicated chalice
  • Incense burner
  • Aura mist (optional)
  • Alchemical formulations required to carry out the ritual:

  • Aries zodiacal elixir
  • Aries zodiacal anointing oil
  • Mars planetary incense (optional)
  • You may also select from any of the magical correspondences to synergistically complement your magickal intent:

  • Crystals and gems – citrine, amethyst, blue kyanite
  • Herbs and plants – rosemary, ginger, basil, cinnamon
  • Colours – red, dark red
  • Essential oils – rosemary, patchouli, black pepper
  • Click here to view more colours and crystals  associated with the zodiacal sign Aries
  • Get access to the keyword reference tables for all 12 zodiacal signs, 12 planets, 12 mansions of life and much, much more in my FRЕЕ Live Magickally© The Little Book of Esoteric Astrology Quick Reference Guide – the ABC of Astrology for the Soul.

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    About the Author

    Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

    For over 50 years my teachings have inspired and empowered thousands of clients and students around the world to heal themselves and help others. As a master soul healer, spiritual teacher and matriarch of magic my life is dedicated to supporting souls like you who are serious about their personal, professional and spiritual growth.

    On my blog, in my books and training programs and courses I share wisdom teachings to enable you to step into the magic and mystery of infinite possibilities and your limitless potential.

    If you have heard the call to discover the magic within and effect positive powerful transformation in your own world, the world and in the greater universe, then I look forward to connecting with you.


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