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The Keywords
Associated with Sagittarius


The stellar power that shines through the zodiacal sign Sagittarius is associated with the archetypes:

  • The Explorer
  • The Seeker
  • The Sage

and the following keywords:

sagittarius symbol
  • adventurous
  • benevolent
  • broad-minded
  • eclectic
  • empowered
  • enterprising
  • expansive
  • far-reaching
  • growth-oriented
  • just
  • higher order thinking
  • knowledgeable
  • optimistic
  • philosophical
  • progressive
  • purposeful
  • questing
  • truthful
  • visionary
  • Use any of the above keywords to create your own powerful magickal intentions when working with Eighth Ray Magick Rituals and the zodiacal sign Sagittarius. View instructions for creating your own Eighth Ray Magick rituals here.

    The Colours
    Associated with Sagittarius

    The zodiac sign of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter and part of the Fire element, connects with colours that encapsulate its optimistic, adventurous, and expansive nature.

    Here are some colours that resonate especially well with Sagittarius:

    These colour associations can provide another layer of depth to your practices, whether they're focused on spiritual teaching, healing, or self-development. Given Sagittarius' quest for higher wisdom and expansive viewpoints, understanding these colour resonances can serve as a valuable asset in your multi-disciplinary approach to holistic well-being and spiritual growth.

    sagittarius symbol


    This colour represents Sagittarius' spiritual and philosophical inclinations, encouraging wisdom and expansion of thought.


    Specifically royal and navy blue, these hues align with Sagittarius' quest for higher wisdom and truth.


    This vibrant colour resonates with the sign's enthusiastic, optimistic, and adventurous spirit.


    Reflecting Sagittarius' sunny disposition and zest for life, yellow enhances their natural optimism and joviality.


    This colour is linked with good fortune and higher learning, aspects dear to a Sagittarian’s heart.


    This luxurious colour complements Sagittarius’ noble and expansive tendencies, reflecting their affinity for abundance and growth.


    As a deep, radiant shade of red, crimson resonates with the Sagittarian zest for life and passion for exploration.

    Forest Green

    This hue relates to Sagittarius' love for outdoor adventures and natural settings, embodying their affinity for growth and expansion.

    When conducting an Eighth Ray Magick Ritual with the zodiacal sign Sagittarius, you can:

    Write Down or Draw Your Magickal Intention

    Write your Eighth Ray magickal intention in your journal or on a piece of paper. You can write with colour pens or pencils, or use colour pages, that have the colour associated with the zodiacal sign Sagittarius. Or you can draw a picture or a symbol that represents your Eighth Ray magickal intention. Use crayons, pencils or paints that have the colour associated with the zodiacal sign Sagittarius. 

    Light a Candle

    You can use the candle of the colour associated with the zodiacal sign Sagittarius.

    The Crystals
    Associated with Sagittarius

    The zodiac sign of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter and part of the Fire element, naturally resonates with certain crystals that amplify its qualities of optimism, philosophical depth, and love for adventure.

    Here are some of the crystals particularly beneficial for Sagittarians:

    Whether you're involved in daily rituals, healing modalities, or providing spiritual consultations, the incorporation of these crystal resonances can certainly benefit your endeavours. The understanding of how these crystals align with Sagittarius traits can add a nuanced layer to your daily activities.


    Often referred to as the stone of protection and wisdom, Turquoise is well-aligned with Sagittarian traits like expansive thinking and travel.

    Lapis Lazuli

    This stone fosters intellectual depth, enhancing Sagittarius' natural inclination towards philosophy and higher wisdom.


    Encouraging rational thought and emotional balance, Sodalite resonates well with Sagittarius' quest for a higher understanding and truth.


    This crystal aids in spiritual growth and higher states of consciousness, qualities that align with Sagittarian aspirations.


    Known for its ability to dispel negativity, Citrine can assist Scorpios in managing their intense emotions and tendencies towards jealousy or possessiveness.

    Imperial Topaz

    This gemstone helps to encourage self-realisation and confidence, reflecting the Sagittarian drive for exploration and freedom.

    Smoky Quartz

    Offering grounding and stress relief, Smoky Quartz can help balance Sagittarius’ adventurous yet sometimes overzealous nature.


    Particularly Red Jasper, this stone encourages stamina and endurance, providing the adventurous Sagittarian with the energy they often require.


    This transformative stone can help Sagittarians in their quest for emotional growth and personal development.


    Enhancing intuition and emotional understanding, Moonstone can help Sagittarius connect more deeply with their inner world.

    When conducting an Eighth Ray Magick Ritual with the zodiacal sign Sagittarius, you can:

    Put Your Written Magickal Intention Under a Crystal

    Put your written Eighth Ray Magickal intention under a crystal.

    Use the crystal associated with the zodiacal sign Sagittarius.

    Riding the Moon's Magickal Tides of Power with Rituals and the 12 Zodiacal Signs

    Tips and Rituals

    The Moon moves into a new zodiacal sign approximately every 2-3 days. You can ride the Moon's magickal tides of power to help you bring your goals into fruition, manifest your dreams and desires, magickally empower your intentions, send healing energies into the world and much more. 

    Visit the Live Magickally® Moon Calendar to view magickal tips and upcoming rituals. 

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