Your Magician’s Spellbook is Waiting For You

Have you ever wished you could be a magician to create positive change in your life – or in the world?

If the magical path appeals to you then chances are at some stage you will have seen an image of a magician with a spell book in hand.

A magician’s spell book is one of the most precious things the magician can possess. It is filled with magical recipes and incantations. A prized possession that is often passed down through the generations.

These books of arcane magic are known as grimoires. A grimoire is typically a record of spells and rituals performed. It contains details that informed the ritual such as the time of day, the weather, the season, the moon phase and planetary placements.

It contains details of the exact magical working that the magician undertook and the results of that working.


It is your formulary – your own magical recipes and what the alchemist Fulcanelli called ‘secret productions’. It is a bit like a prized recipe book with your own tried and true magical recipes.

A grimoire is also a perfect place to record dreams and visions.

It is the perfect place to journal on divinatory practices such as the ‘pulling of cards’ that attune you to the cosmic heart and enable you to catch sight of what is seeking your attention.

By keeping a journal of these details and experiences, you will be creating your own personalised textbook or reference book. You will be creating your own celestial grimoire and book of conjurations.

Writing regularly in your celestial grimoire or magical journal will reward you with a personal relationship with the greater cycles at play in the cosmos. You will soon see how the powers of astrology and the movement of the planets affect change and influence growth in your own life, and the world around you.

Your magical journal is a tool and resource that you can use to bring order to everyday chaos and in doing so change the very fabric of the universe. As we know – nothing exists in isolation.


Find a journal that appeals to all of your senses. Think about the colour, the size and feel of the book, and choose one that sparks a feeling of excitement and anticipation.

Having a dedicated pen for your entries is also a really good idea. Using the same tools will add to the magical substance of your practise.

With a super full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius coming up this week, it is the perfect time to share with you how to record a magical ritual in your celestial grimoire.

Recording your magical ritual could look like this…

27 May 2021

Full Moon lunar eclipse Sagittarius (26 May 11.13pm)
Sun in Gemini
Jupiter in Pisces (T-square Sun and Moon)

This morning I am performing the Eighth Ray Flower of Venus Ritual© to closely align myself with the powerful energies of expansiveness, good luck and enrichment with the Sagittarius Super Moon and full eclipse that took place in the skies late last night.

And what a sleep I had! Full of dreams and visions, this celestial event did not disappoint – and I have made note of it all!! My celestial ally Jupiter came through strongly and has given me what I need to solve some challenges I was toiling with. Co-creative work at its best.

I set my altar up before I went to bed, leaving the curtain open so the celestial light could reach and potentise my magical tools. Entering the room, I feel a swell of expansiveness within, all of my cells dancing and excited for what is ahead.

My altar is decorated with some carnations I found at the market, my luminescent labradorite heart stone and a beautiful Beeswax candle saved just for this ritual.

I also have my dedicated altar items, my incense burner, ritual bell, chalice, and my beloved Isis-Urania crystal wand in place.

My Celestial Compendium© Cards are laid out – Jupiter, Sagittarius, 9th Mansion of Life and the Alchemical Process card of Incineration.

My Porta Alchémica® alchemical formulations:


There is a light tingling in my belly, like a butterfly flutter. The labrodorite catches my eye – it is very happy to be a part of this magical ritual. I am ready to begin.

The five-step Eighth Ray Flower of Venus Ritual© can be found here

You’ll see magical patterns emerging

Once your ritual is complete it is important to maintain your magical focus as you sit down to do your journal writing. Start noting down your personal experience of the ritual. This can include where your attention went, any physical sensations and thoughts you may have had, how you felt at the close of the ritual. Then move out to any realisations you may have had, or any messages you may have received.

Try not to judge what comes out onto the page or be concerned if it does not make sense in the moment – it may be a piece of a bigger picture.

Celestial events like full moon lunar eclipses can take time to unfurl into your tangible life. You can add drawings and colour to express yourself. And be gentle as you re-enter the ‘real world’.

When you review your grimoire, you will start to see magical patterns emerging that you may not have been aware of. You will more easily attune to and harmonise with the forces of the cosmos that play through your personality and gain an understanding of all that can bring you true wisdom.

A celestial grimoire is indeed a very powerful book authored by you and for you. It can be a very powerful magical tool for the greater good in the Eighth Ray Magicians kit.

It is yours for the writing…


I would love to hear from you, please share your comments and experiences below.


Light in Extension

P.S. I have authored my own book of magic to share with you. Eighth Ray Magic, The Magic of the Goddess, The Magic of Co-Creation is a handbook of celestial wisdom, alchemy, magic and ritual.


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