Can I perform an Eighth Ray Ritual to antidote a ‘poison of spirit’ for another person? Or does the person have to be present in the ritual?

Yes, you can perform any of the Eighth Ray rituals for another person.

The person can be present in the Eighth Ray ritual and they can ingest the required Porta Alchémica® alchemical formulations and anoint themselves.

When it is not possible for the person whom the Eighth Ray ritual is being conducted for to be present in the ritual, you can perform the ritual for them.

It is true to say that what we do for ourselves we do for others. Each time we conduct an Eighth Ray ritual of this nature we are not only doing it for ourselves or another individual we are also doing it to help the collective.

Each time an Eighth Ray ritual of this nature is performed it works to help reduce the receptivity to and the influence of the ‘poisons of spirit’ in the collective consciousness. It can be likened to being a ‘spark of light’ that leads to awakening and awareness.

The more people and the more often people carry out the Eighth Ray rituals means that more ‘sparks of light’ will be created. Every ‘spark of light’ leads to an awakened and more aware society. When enough ‘sparks of light’ are ignited it can create a critical mass of light that is a flood tide of light that creates a more awakened and aware society.

This is all part of the work of being our ‘brothers and sister’s keeper’. This is a very important work in that it is now a key component of the magick of light and as such and it is the basis of creating a new world and a new order of living.

The full instructions for conducting a ritual to antidote the ‘poison of spirit’ for yourself or another are available here.

For the full details about the twelve ‘poisons of spirit’ and their antidotes, please see the book Eighth Ray Magick - The Magick of the Goddess – The Magic of Co-Creation.


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