The ‘poisons of spirit’ are twelve imbalanced primordial forces that express as shadow behaviours that can bring unwanted reactions, projections, patterns and disappointments to our lives. The ‘poisons of spirit’ act as stressors in the human spirit, soul and personality. Their influence is corrosive and corrupting at all levels of the holistic make-up. Their presence and influence is coarsening and creates delusions of separateness and a resistance to spiritualisation.

The twelve ‘poisons of spirit’ mostly operate unconsciously. We can live in a state of complete unawareness of their destructive impact on our daily life. Their unconscious mode of operation means that they influence the patterns, tone and the direction that our life takes.

If you are asking yourself ‘why does this keep happening to me?’ or ‘why can’t I break out of a destructed pattern?’ you are probably experiencing the effects of one of the twelve ‘poisons of spirit’.


Put simply, people make choices about everything that occurs in their life at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. These choices define a person’s relationship to what is occurring. This in turn creates the nature and quality of their life and generates karma.

In psychological terms, the poisons of spirit express through our ‘shadow’ behaviours. Shadow behaviours are problematic as they are either unconsciously acted out or projected onto others. They block the power of light from expressing through us.

For example, some of the the shadow behaviours associated with the ‘poison of spirit’ of anger are: aggression, bluntness, competitiveness, irritation, quick temper, rashness, reactiveness, cruelty, restlessness, impatience.

Shadow behaviours express from the deepest recesses of the unconscious mind. Their influence must be forced up into conscious awareness so they can be transmuted. This can be achieved by working with the twelve alchemical processes and the antidotes to the ‘poisons of spirit’.


We can neutralise or transmute the ‘poisons of spirit’ and their associated shadow behaviours using the twelve alchemical processes that act as their antidote.

From the occult perspective, the twelve antidotes and their corresponding alchemical processes are to eliminate ‘noise’. This means that all extraneous ‘noise’ or that which is discordant within the holistic makeup and consciousness is eliminated. The alchemical antidotes and processes eliminate emotional noise, the noise of the mind, the noise of chaos and discord, the noise of untruth.

The twelve antidotes to the ‘poisons of spirit’ and the associated alchemical processes eliminate the ‘noise’ that masks or drowns out the power of creation, the power that focuses through our inner creatrix self or divine self. The twelve alchemical processes take us into the silence and unite us with the power of the creatrix within.


In the spirit of the Aquarian Age and with the advent of Eighth Ray ritual magick, the twelve antidotes and the corresponding alchemical processes that were closely guarded secrets of the ancient alchemists, can now be easily accessed by anyone who wishes to actively work to neutralise or transmute the ‘poisons of spirit’ and their associated shadow behaviours.

A component of the ‘antidote’ is a group of alchemical formulations that correspond to each specific ‘poison of spirit’. Used in conjunction with the Eighth Ray Antidoting the Poisons of Spirit Chalice Ritual©, these alchemical formulations act to neutralise the ‘poison of spirit’ and transmute its associated shadow behaviours.

For example, to free ourselves from the ‘poison of spirit’ of anger, the first of the twelve ‘poisons of spirit’, we need to work with a set of alchemical formulations that act as an antidote. These alchemical formulations are Porta Alchémica® Mars planetary incenseMars planetary anointing oilAries zodiacal anointing oilMars planetary elixir and Libra zodiacal elixir.

By working with these Porta Alchémica® alchemical formulations and the Eighth Ray Antidoting the Poisons of Spirit Chalice Ritual© to antidote the ‘poison of spirit’ of anger, we will enable ourselves to break free from the corrosive and corrupting influence of the ‘poison of spirit’ of anger . We will be able to express the positive quality of goodwill wherever anger and its associated shadow behaviours were present.


You can use one of the following methods to help you easily identify which ‘poison of spirit’ you need to work with right now.


Once you have identified the ‘poison/s of spirit’ you wish to work with, undertake the Eighth Ray Antidoting the Poisons of Spirit Chalice Ritual© using the alchemical formulations that act as an antidote. Reference to the relevant alchemical formulations for each of the twelve poisons of spirit is provided in the book Eighth Ray Magick – The Magick of the Goddess – The Magick of Co-Creation and in the booklet enclosed with The Celestial Compendium oracle deck.


The twelve alchemical processes that are the antidotes for the twelve ‘poisons of spirit’ are quite literally a ‘course of becoming’ that can be likened to a pathway that enables the natural human (Homo sapiens) to become the divine human (Homo deus).

I would love to hear from you, please share your comments and experiences below.


Light in Extension


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